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Tiger Fiber aims to connect farmers, processors, companies, researchers, and politicians in order to begin discussion on restoring the connection with land, community, and prosperity.   Tiger Fiber is uniquely positioned to bring the most advanced and sophisticated hemp decortication technology on earth to Missouri and help establish the state as the Midwest regional hub of large scale hemp processing.  In doing so we will contribute towards the development of new industrial supply chains and infrastructure to help spark the emergence of an agricultural revolution for Missouri farmers and beyond.  A large part of Tiger Fiber's mission is to provide the necessary tools and marketplace for the agricultural community at large. 

The United States is at the dawn of one of the largest agricultural revolutions our country has ever experienced.  The legalization of Industrial Hemp presents an opportunity to radically transform the landscape of agriculture, manufacturing, and retail which can serve as a cornerstone to a new wave of local, regional, and nationwide prosperity. 


Tiger Fiber's overarching goal is to ensure financial and resource stability to American farming who have been struggling to thrive under the current environment.   Industrial Hemp provides the perfect opportunity to achieve this goal In doing new wave of economic prosperity and relevance   In doing so we believe community establish the Midwest as a leader in the Industrial Hemp revolution.


“Hemp is one of the greatest, most important substances of our nation.”



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